FullSizeRenderAn easy-going attitude, lifelong learner, passion to help others, creativity, and unavoidable hints of sarcasm and wit are part of who I am. A little bit of left-brain, a little bit of right-brain. My attitude towards new challenges and opportunities is “Sure. I’ll give it a go.”

As a creator
I’ve been painting and crafting most of my life. From scrapbooks to sewing to friendship bracelets (aw, remember friendship bracelets?) to painted canvas, I’ve tried it out. Art relaxes me. Through my experiences and ventures, I’ve explored writing as an outlet for creativity. There’s just something about the written word that can do what nothing else can.

As a mother
Infertility treatments? Check. 24 hours of labor to end in a c-section? Check. Breastfeeding? Check. Cloth diapers? Check. Potty training? We’re almost there. Boy, my years of parenthood have certainly been interesting. I began my career as a teacher and while I loved my students, my heart and head felt that being home with my daughter was where I needed to be. Leaving behind the craziness of classroom life, I have been living the craziness of raising an energetic, funny, nail polish wearing, Darth Vader loving amazing little girl.

As a traveler
Though I can’t specifically pinpoint when we decided it, my husband and I decided we were going to visit each of the 50 states. Our travels often involve National Parks, hiking, road trips, and the rest of our family tagging along. Currently, we’re at 34 states – only 16 more to go (sorry Western states – we’ll be there soon!).

Likes: cheesecake, Led Zeppelin, laughter, reading
Dislikes: tomatoes, noisy chewers, negativity, Comic Sans

What avenue of adventure will I travel down next? Your guess is as good as mine.

Ashley Sargent is a graduate of Rowan University with degrees in elementary education and English. She lives in rural northern New Jersey with her husband, daughter, dog, cat, and chickens.