Let the Journey Begin

On the road of life,┬áthere are those who have a clear, straight path. Then there are folks who take side roads and maybe a few detours. If I were to lay out my journey, it would be a large road map (ask your parents what this is, kids) with hairpin curves, U-turns, and a few of those traffic circles with numerous spokes like a wagon wheel. This path, all of these options, where I am going and where I have been – these are my “avenues of adventures”.

Through my life, I’ve identified myself in different ways – teacher, writer, mom, crafter, homesteader, traveler…and I’m sure there are many more to come. Each has had its own set accomplishments and challenges.

My name is Ashley Sargent. Creative mindset. Wearer of many hats. Jack of a few trades. Ready to travel down new avenues of adventure.